Wintech Electronic Application Material Co;Ltd has opened two branches in Taiwan and mainland , which are both equipped advanted and complete punch presses and slitting and cutting machines . For years of development , it has opened up business relationship with several moldl developing and product processing factories and cooperated well . The strong combination provides lots of shapes of press service , such as unching、slitting、adhesive coating and cutting . All the above are to meet custolmers' manufacturing requirements , such as a longer tape for automated machines , very narrow type for precision parts manufacturing , and special shapes that are available to sticking on cellular surface .
  The shape you request has stringent dimension , we can manufacture precise mold according to your designing drafts or can design the drafts according to your demand and finish the followings .These products include PI、PVC、PET files and tapes , Poron , dirty-resistance nets , glass clothes , glass cloth tapes , and so on .
  Thus , such shapes as scroll、slice、strip、cellular piece and more appear before you and make you best satisfactory to meet the evolving requirements .

Polyimide film slitting

Polyimide tape slitting


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