Wintech Electronic Application Materials (E.A.M)CO.Ltd was established in1997. This is a Hi-Tech company specializing in reserch &design、manufacture & sales of conductive material , insulation produce,thermal conductivity material , single & double-faced adhesive tape . Also many patterns of EMI materials are here.

  Wintech E.A.M co, Ltd has expanded its business by saling products made by itself and promoting famous products . Facing the Pearl River Delta--the highly developing territory in China and the High- Tech Industry Parks inland ,Wintech willtry its very best to supply customers products embodying the rupid progreess in science and technology , Wintech makes its steps reach the forefront of cost management theory around the globle , and helps enterprises to drop their purchasing costs lower. lt will be a company where customers could buy most materials they need. WintechTechnology co,ltd wants to develope successfully together its parters and share in"two wins".

  Wintech E.A.M co,Ltd has set up two branches in Taiwan and Shanghai,
equipped with mordern the machines . This company has R&D department and the abilityof testing.It can provide standard patdterns and sizes products. Also specific configurations and sizes products to meet customers specific requirements.

  Wintech E.A.M co.Ltd persists in such business concept--to supply more
products that can be freely chosen. Acknowleging its poor in R&D, besides its own products,this company recommends other products of foreign companies,such as3M、GE from USA、SONY、NITTO、COSMOS from Japan to its customers.

  standing at the stategic top of the ijndustry of electrics and home application,Wintech can easily grasp the technology level and developing tendence of these elementary materials. Wintech makes hard efferts to provide products that are fully suitable for the internation quality anagement systerm,which encourages thecustomer enterprises to expands their business on overseas markets.

  service shows strength,advantage moves customer.Blew by winds and beat byrains for years, a sales team has grew up strongly. Ther are honest,hard-woring and aggrossive. According to the in-time & rich market informations, adding the special channels,Wintech.E.A.M always offers the lowest prices to customers.Due to the good performance at cuseomer service,Wintech E.A.M co,Ltd has being regarded as a perfect supplier of Jing Yuan Computer and HangHai Exact products Electrics whichare on stock market,And NEC in japan.

  In order to meet the requirements send by customers who are planning to research and design new products,Wintech has made a promise to take marketchallenges and stengthed its manufacturing ability of punching and sltting and can produce any configurations & sizes material.At the meantime,Wintech would raise the level of the technic cooperation between two sides step by step.

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